Using Tools to Build the Hotels Conversion Funnel

Why Hoteliers Should Not be Intimidated — Hence, Turned-Off — by Internet Marketing

In the contemporary hotel industry environment, hoteliers primary focus must include an internet marketing business strategy. Unfortunately, even for those hoteliers who are moderately well versed in the concepts of social media marketing and web platform business strategies, the mention of branding and online reputation; conversion funnels; and ranking strategies are about as entertaining as the buzz of fluorescent lights.

For those whom these terms are foreign to, the mention of them is about as unsettling as the grinding of grandma´s dentures — between snores — as she sleeps.

Fancy Words for Simple Concepts: Branding, Funnels and Ranking

The truth is, none of these concepts are particularly difficult to understand, yet they can do wonders to increase a hotel´s business. As with most industries, those who work in the web-site development industry have conjured-up nomenclature that 1) makes them sound smart and 2) is catchy.

The fact of the matter is though, almost anyone can understand the concepts.

Why a Hotelier´s Putting This Elitist Niche to Work for Their Hotel is Important — Critical Actually

Identifying potential opportunities for growth using creative ideas to increase the profitability of a hotel(s) should — and does — appeal to all hoteliers. Business processes used by web-designers to generate greater revenue in the always finicky market of hotel industries can more effectively drive the brand recognition of an establishment , increase the sales and perpetuate future business.Funnel_ copy

For the professional marketing/communication manager of a hotel or chain, the following is a simple explanation of branding and reputation management; a conversion funnel and search engine optimization, a.k.a., search engine ranking strategies.

More importantly, it is an explanation of how putting these concepts to work can increase profit margins dramatically.

Web-Site Requisites for Hoteliers Vying for a Greater Margin of Potential Profitability

1) Branding and Reputation – Simply an inflated way of saying internet advertising, these terms in-and-of-themselves are of very little value. However, a site developer that can market your product in a positive manner and protect the hotel´s reputation in the virtual realm gives a hotelier a distinct advantage over those hoteliers who believe that they can generate sufficient business from billboards and word-of-mouth recommendations.
2) Using tools to Create Conversion Funnel – Even for those hoteliers not living in the age of land-lines and yellow pages, the mistake of thinking that just any website with just any design is sufficient is common. The fact is, one of the most complex and attention demanding concepts in the virtual world is how to design a website that motivates a person to purchase.

That concept is called a conversion funnel. Think of a website as a map, only this map can be changed, and by changing the map, the actual road system is changed. The mistake a great deal of web-developers make is creating a map with roads leading to dead-ends. Every page and every link and every option on a website should be leading a user to the same destination: the purchase prompt.

For those web-pages designed to offer services or sell products, the conversion funnel is called a purchase funnel. The purchase funnel is one of the most important components — if not the most — of a hotelier´s website.

3) Search Engine Ranking Strategies – The biggest problem for anyone with a website is their search engine ranking. If a person´s page does not end up on the first page of an engine´s search results, the odds of a user opening their page is reduced dramatically.

In addition to the purchase funnel, a web-developer worth his salt must be able to move a person´s page up in the ranking. There are a number of ways to do it from growing it organically to paying for AdWords ads to SEO, but as a hotelier, you need to make certain your developer understands these concepts.

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