Using Business Intelligence and Marketing Science to Drive Business Success

modern-marketingToday’s businesses are thriving on data and customer satisfaction. And as you can imagine, the better a business can use technology to collect, analyze and use data, the more effectively it can provide top-notch customer satisfaction.

Never should a business think that just because it has access to today’s most advanced technological tools that it will be able to survive. Technology can only go so far. The users of the technology, however, are what determines the success of a business.

Keeping this in mind, let’s take a quick look at business intelligence and marketing science. Both of these technological-based aspects of running a business are helping companies all across the globe increase their levels of customer satisfaction as well as their profit levels.

Business Intelligence: The Dawn of Deep Learning

There are two major benefits gained from business intelligence, which are:

  • Helping businesses see inside the minds of their customers; helping them determine why consumers perform certain behaviors.
  • Determine situations where it is wise to take advantage of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Nowadays, everyone is talking about deep learning. This new way of analyzing consumer behavior is quickly becoming one of today’s most effective forms of business intelligence.

Alistair Croll defines deep learning as “teaching machines to think…rather than teaching a machine explicity…deep learning uses simpler, core ideas and then builds upon them – much as a baby learns sounds, then words, then sentences.”

Deep learning is in fact a new way of analyzing consumer behavior to not only predict the choices that they will make in the future, but it also analyzes why they make certain choices in the first place.

One of the newest forms of business intelligence used in relation to deep learning is emotions analytics software. Such software can actually watch and record users while they make online purchasing decisions, taking into account their facial expressions and any words or vocal sounds that they make, and then it analyzes these expressions and tones to determine why they made certain purchasing choices.

Marketing Science: Making the Most Out of Science (and Art)

As we’ve already discussed, marketing science goes beyond science; it truly is a form of art as well. This form of marketing includes a large amount of quantum computing and data mining, but it also involves finding the rhythm of consumer decisions and creating a marketing campaign that moves to the same beat of the drum. To do this, the skills honed by a marketing scientist and marketing artist will need to be combined all in one.

Without marketing scientists and marketing artists, businesses will struggle. When they can combine the two, though, true success is found. In fact, it is through the combination of the two that marketing scientists are able to find their way beyond PPC, SEO, and click-through rates. It’s also where marketing artists go beyond the creation of personable content. The two collide with one another, which leads to the development of marketing content that truly touches consumers in a way that persuades them to make a purchase, and not just on a limited basis, but on a global basis.

A Combination of Science, Intelligence and Art that Explodes Into Success

Effective marketing campaigns are no longer surrounded around predictive analysis. Instead, they’re surrounded around different types of business intelligence that gives a bird’s eye view of consumer choices purchasing patterns. To create such campaigns, science has to be merged with intelligence and art simultaneously. And when this happens, business intelligence and marketing science are able to reach their utmost potential to drive business success.

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