Marketing Science: Is It Really Part Art or Part Science?

Marketing_ScienceOver the past 15 years, marketing has exceedingly taken itself to a whole new level. Actually, it’s best to give credit where credit is due, and to do this, we have to bow down to the Internet. If it wasn’t for the Internet and it’s ever-increasing popularity, businesses would likely still be battling it out against one another using only TV, radio, newspaper and marketing ads. And let’s not forget direct mail marketing, which continues to this day to be very effective, so it’s always worth giving a shot.

A Whole New Form of Marketing

With the Internet, businesses are taking on a whole new form of marketing. And now, due to new eye-opening marketing tactics, we’re starting to view marketing as both an art and a science. There has and always will be a science to marketing, yet at the same time, there’s an art to it that only true marketing professionals can master. According to Stan Woods, an employee of Velocity Partners, he refers to today’s marketing specialists as both marketing artists and marketing scientists.

Learning and Understanding Consumers Like Never Before

Today’s marketing specialists –whatever you want to call them– are taking advantage of technology in a revolutionary way by pleasing consumers and earning customer loyalty. Cloud-based programs are giving them access to Big Data in real-time, meaning they are able to track, quantify, analyze and enhance their marketing endeavors like never before. Because of this, we’re truly learning the ins-and-outs of consumer marketing and what it is that consumers want in a product/service.

Whether it be a Higher Education institution or a Credit Union, organizations are able to develop customer profiles, target these customers and deliver laser-focused marketing efforts that are increasing customer counts and maximizing profit levels. Most importantly, though, marketing science is keeping customers happy.

The Difference Between a Marketing Scientist and Marketing Artist

Are there differences between marketing scientists and marketing artists? Absolutely! That’s why it’s of such critical importance to find a marketing science professional who has the unique ability to also be creative and innovative in addition to being organized and detail-oriented. Thought leadership is a must have skill for this person as well.

A Science and Art Combination Equals True Marketing Science

For most businesses, the ability to find a single individual who can fulfill the roles of both a marketing scientist and marketing artist is not achievable. Businesses can look and look for such persons, but they are few and far between. This doesn’t mean, however, that businesses have to choose one or the other. Acquiring services from one marketing scientist (or a team) and one marketing artist (or a team) and allowing these workers to collaborate together is a great way to make the most out of marketing science.

Scott Brinker with says “There are plenty of opportunities just within marketing/sales for better data-driven decision making and controlled experimentation that can generate terrific returns.” This means that no matter the way any business wants to look at it, traditional marketing methods aren’t going to cut it in today’s society.

True Marketing Science Uses Complementary Approaches

It takes science and art combined to carry out an effective marketing campaign. Derek Franks with the IBM Center for Applied Insights even once said that “The science of marketing isn’t going to replace the art of marketing. It will enhance the art of marketing. It’s not an either/or proposition at all, but rather complementary approaches.” Anyone who knows anything about running a successful business and building a strong brand should understand just how true Franks statement is.

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