Business Intelligence within Hotel Management: Hoteliers Can Drop Everything after the BI in Big Data

Big data encompasses an unmanageable number of concepts and theories, so many that it does not have a specific, tangible definition. Now, big data is so big, so convoluted, that the compound word is benign. Business intelligence — on the other hand — has tools, variables and parameters we hoteliers can use to assess client needs and […]

Using Tools to Build the Hotels Conversion Funnel

Why Hoteliers Should Not be Intimidated — Hence, Turned-Off — by Internet Marketing In the contemporary hotel industry environment, hoteliers primary focus must include an internet marketing business strategy. Unfortunately, even for those hoteliers who are moderately well versed in the concepts of social media marketing and web platform business strategies, the mention of branding […]

Using Business Intelligence and Marketing Science to Drive Business Success

Today’s businesses are thriving on data and customer satisfaction. And as you can imagine, the better a business can use technology to collect, analyze and use data, the more effectively it can provide top-notch customer satisfaction. Never should a business think that just because it has access to today’s most advanced technological tools that it […]